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DRA Prep

DRA Prep focuses on aligning and strengthening your core to support you during pregnancy. This will not only help to minimizing your diastasis recti during pregnancy, but teach proper breathing and alignment to reduce your risk of developing pelvic floor dysfunctions.

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Foundations is designed for newly postpartum women to realign and strengthen the core for maximum support during the first few months with an infant.

This is perfect for moms to begin 4 weeks - 6 months postpartum.

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DRA Advanced

DRA Advanced is designed for moms 6+ months postpartum who are living with a diastasis recti under 3 inches in width.

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Phase 1

Phase 1 for each of our programs lasts 6 weeks.

It includes a weekly 30 minute session to work on movement and breathing patterns and answer any questions about the exercise routines.

Also included are 15-30 minute exercise routines through our app.

$305 paid in full Sign-up Here

3 payments of $110 Sign-up Here

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Phase 2

Phase 2 includes bi-weekly 30 minute sessions and 15-30 minute exercise routines to do on your own.

Depending on the individual, this 6 week phase may be repeated more than once before moving on.

$205 paid in full Sign-Up Here

3 payments of $77 Sign-Up Here


Phase 3

Phase 3 runs for 6 weeks, and includes a 30 minute session on the 3rd and 6th week of the program with 15-30 minute exercise routines to do with accountability to your own schedule.

This phase may be repeated before beginning our Fit to the Core program.

$160 paid in full Sign-Up Here

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