5 Tips to Combat Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy

Before you begin a program or regimen to relieve your sciatica, it's necessary that you see your doctor first to understand the underlying cause of your pain.  Sciatica has multiple origins and the tips you will receive here is geared more toward helping you with Piriformis Syndrome and SI Joint Dysfunction, as these are two of the most common causes of pain during pregnancy. This list serves to inform you and guide you to relieving the pain and gaining back your daily function.  If your doctor gives you a list of exercises to alleviate your pain, make sure to follow those exercises fully and ask to incorporate these exercises with that list.

After you understand the root cause of your pain for sciatica, you can begin to address the problem with a mix of stretching and strengthening the surrounding muscles.  

1) The first and best thing you can do if your pain is caused by the piriformis is to stretch

      Stretch your glutes (picture on the left).

      Stretch your hamstrings (on the right).

You can do both of these exercises in         a chair once you reach the 2nd and             3rd trimester. 


        Stretch your quads.  


        Stretch your hip-flexors. 

For variations in these stretches, send an email to cr3ation.fitness@gmail.com and you will be given stretches that will meet your specific needs. 

2) Fire-Hydrants and Bird-Dog

Fire Hydrants will strengthen your glutes, which will help to prevent sciatica pain. 

Lift one leg bent at 90 degrees while keeping your back straight.  Hold for 3 seconds.  Release slowly back to neutral.  Repeat 20 times. 


Bird-Dog is geared toward strengthening your core stability and lengthening your back muscles. 

Lift your opposite arm and leg straight out while keeping your core tight.  When you do this your back should be flat. Hold for 3 seconds and return to neutral.  Repeat 20 times. 

3) Triangle Pose and Child's Pose: Hold each for 45 seconds. Complete on both sides if possible.

Triangle Pose (on the left). 

This pose is great for release the psoas muscle that gets tight when you sit.  

Child's Pose (on the right).

This will help to lengthen your back and stretch out your shoulders. 

4) Glute Bridge


This exercise strengthens your glutes, which will take pressure off of your lower back. 

Hold this exercise for 45 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

To modify, you can complete a glute bridge using a medicine ball if you are further along than 20 weeks. 

5) Avoid sit-ups and crunches, and any exercise that involves excessive twisting at your hips.

If you are feeling any type of pain in your hips, glutes, or back, there is a good chance that you also may have a diastasis recti, which is cause by your stomach muscles separating to make room for your growing baby.  Sit-ups, crunches, and any excessive twisting with sudden impacts or weights can cause your symptoms and pain to increase.  If you do have a diastasis recti, talk to your doctor about this and avoid these exercises throughout the remainder of your pregnancy as well. 

If you'd like to start an individualized program geared toward preparing you for childbirth, and safely stay healthy and strong during pregnancy, fill out the form below and a 15 minute consultation will be set up to go over your goals and exact needs before starting your program. 


If you have any questions regarding the best exercises for pregnancy you can join Cr3ation Fit Moms on Facebook for some awesome tips and you can email us at cr3ation.fitness@gmail.com for more help.


A Review of the Online Trainer Academy - What Does Freedom Mean to You?

        More than a year ago I began my journey of helping people earn the lifethat they aspired to have.  At the time I had a 2 month old baby girl, and as much as I wanted to get out there and work in a "big gym" setting, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with the demands and crazy schedules that the big-box gym offered (not to mention being able to afford fleshing out an insane amount of money on childcare).  By the time the Academy rolled around this past Fall, I had already opened up my own personal training business focused mostly on in-home and online clients.  The only problem was that I didn't actually have any online clients, and traveling to and from my clients in their homes was even more time consuming than working in the big-box gym that I so cleverly avoided!

         Clearly money and time were both issues.  I knew how to help people find the best versions of themselves.  I knew what it was like to be an athlete breaking mental and physical barriers while striving for goals, to be a mom with a tiny human running amuck around the house and living life on "E", and to also be a woman balancing the demands of life while trying to find a way to stay fit.   What I didn't know was anything about running a business, structuring a business, or how to find clients to keep my business open.  It's no wonder why I had begun to second guess my decision to start my own business and wanted to throw in the towel!

        I needed to bring in clients to keep my business going, but as a mom with a tiny human at home, I couldn't afford to spend any more time away from my daughter than I already did.  Personal training was not and is not my only job.  I also coach both collegiate and club volleyball, and at that time the balance between my careers and my family life was non-existent.  I knew something needed to change, but I didn't what I could change to gain the freedoms I wanted to have in my life.  This is where the Academy so gloriously swoops in and saves the day (but really though).

What is the Online Trainer Academy?

        The Online Trainer Academy is a comprehensive certification program designed to show fitness professionals like you how to build and grow an online training business for more income and freedom in a smart and strategic way.

What Makes the Academy so Special?

        When news about the Academy first came out I was already part of the Online Trainers Unite group on Facebook.  During the first few weeks of seeing the promotional ads I didn't even think twice about joining it.  I already had my business and I honestly wasn't ready to fork up the money to do something I wasn't sure would actually better myself or my clients. 

        Here's the thing that got me though; Jon had given such valuable information for free, information that enabled me to get my business up and running, that I figured it was worth trying if I could actually bring in more clients and better provide for the clients I already had.  Because Jon shared a great wealth of information and also took the time to answer many questions about online training within the group, it showed me that he was trustworthy and it was worth investing in his materials.  The Academy is not about creating little clones in a set system like many other programs out there; it is about creating unique businesses and helping people find what works best for them.

        The Online Trainer Academy includes both a textbook and a digital portal, which covers how to gain clients, how to set up systems and structures to help your business run smoother, and how to take care of your clients.  One of the most helpful things for me were the worksheets, templates, and scripts that I could adjust to mybusiness as I saw fit.  Every piece of material you will find throughout this program is easily translatable to your life today and can also be adapted and molded into your business structure.

Why Should I Take the Leap?

     I debated a long time before deciding to join the Academy.  I had already started my business and I was unsure if the Academy would actually offer enough new material to make the leap worth it.  I was barely making enough money to minimally cover keeping my business running as it was.  I had to bank on retaining my clients without them suddenly getting ill or taking a random vacation, and I also had to find new ones.  But here's the thing: I knew that I needed to try, and that is exactly one of the biggest things I could ever take away from this program.  No one is going to know the good job that I'm doing if I don't actually get around to doing it and putting it out there for the world to see.  The Academy helped me put the pieces together, simplified how I now do my business, and allowed me to actually get my expertise and programs (which are pretty awesome by the way) out there for everyone to see.  

          Today I have 10 online clients (remember when I first started I had absolutely NONE), and it seems like every other day someone is inquiring about my services and wanting to sign on!  This is less than 3 months after graduating from the Academy!!  I am making enough to actually have an income and because of that I can now choose when to visit family, travel, coach, and spend time with my daughter and hubby.  I am already experiencing some of the freedoms I have worked so hard for and the best part about it is that this is just the beginning. 

What are the Next Steps?

       If this is you, if you are looking to gain more freedom to do the things that are important to you - travel, spend time with more family, or read those books you've always wanted to do, the Online Trainer Academy presents the perfect opportunity for you to get started and gain the freedoms you've always wanted for your life.  How to gain that freedom is sitting right in front of you, just a click away, so all you have left to do is ask yourself this: "What does freedom mean to me?"

Follow this link to go straight to the Academy and sign up:  https://pts.samcart.com/referral/kcDxjKMw/143055

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